Jenny Knobbe
High School Director and Lead Teacher
Ms. Jenny Knobbe is the High School Director/Lead Teacher for the 2016-17 school year at Lexis Preparatory School.  Ms. Knobbe has 12 years of experience in the field of education.  She was a special education teacher in the Paradise Valley Unified School District for 11 of those years.  During that time, she taught grades K-6, was the special education chairperson and achieved her National Board Certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist for students in grades K-12.  She has also been an Assistant Principal at Roadrunner School in the PV District, which serves students in grades K-12 with emotional and learning disabilities.  

Ms. Knobbe believes in setting high standards for every child, along with providing balance for strong character development and a sense of social awareness and community service.  Her hobbies include playing softball, taking family vacations, and playing fetch with her two Chocolate Labradors, Kaibab and Kanyon.
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