Scottsdale Private School for Learning Disabilities

At Lexis Prep School, we understand that not every child learns the same way, and the traditional school model is not always successful. That's why we offer a unique learning environment to meet the challenges that learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and language impairments can bring. We also cater to children with ADD and ADHD, school phobia, anxiety, and Asperger's syndrome.

How Do Learning Disabilities Affect a Child in School?

Every learning disability presents itself slightly differently in every child.

  • Children with dyslexia generally struggle with reading, writing, time-keeping, and organizational skills.
  • Children with dysgraphia usually have difficulty with the act of writing and formulating their thoughts on paper, as well as other fine motor skills such as shoelace-tying.
  • Children with dyscalculia often struggle with arithmetic, distinguishing symbols, conceptualizing time, and differentiating between left and right.
  • Children with ADHD and ADD often have difficulty listening and following directions, maintaining attention for long periods of time, finishing what they have started, and organizing their time and possessions. These children generally fidget or squirm and have trouble sitting still, talk a great deal, and can't seem to work or play quietly.

Often times, at least partly due to their prior negative experiences in school, many children with learning disabilities also develop social anxiety. This can make going to school and, in particular, participating at school, a torturous and dreaded experience for the child, leading to school phobia and even school refusal.

How Does Lexis Prep Teach Children With Learning Disabilities?

It is not difficult to understand how trying to teach children with learning disabilities in a traditional school model can be frustrating for both teachers and students. Most traditional classrooms are not set up to work with children on developing better attention and organizational skills and, when these behaviors are addressed, it is often in a negative way. Even with a teacher's best efforts, when there are 30 children in a classroom, individual attention is just not possible for everyone.

Lexis Prep can offer your child a customized learning plan, complete with the individualized teaching, support, guidance, and life-skills (executive function) coaching needed to be successful. Our rigorous academic curriculum will keep your child at pace with or ahead of peers in traditional schooling, with our unique multisensory and learning styles approach making it possible to master the content. What's more, we will monitor your child's proficiency and growth three times per year so that we can adjust the education plan where needed.

A truly customized solution for children with learning differences - where every child is Understood, Honored, and Accommodated (UHA!), and it's done with passion (!). Contact us today to see how together we can help your child find success.

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