A Perfect Environment for ADHD Children

How Does ADHD Affect Learning?

ADHD can be very disabling in a culture that places a premium on organization and the ability to plan and anticipate the future. Most traditional classrooms are not set up to teach a child how to develop better attention and organization. Rather, when a teacher does address these behaviors, it is usually in a critical way, bringing negative attention to the child. Eventually, such frequent criticism has a significant impact on self-esteem.

Why is Lexis Prep a Great Place for Children With ADHD?

The academic program at Lexis Prep is intentionally designed to ensure success for your child with ADHD. We utilize a unique educational approach that includes:

  • A specially designed environment that limits distractions, with well-organized and neatly arranged classrooms, and focused on routines and procedures.
  • Environmental accommodations based on your child's needs. This could include standing while working, sitting in a bean bag chair, or manipulating objects while listening.
  • A focused approach to "time" - separating the day into "chunks" to help your child prioritize responsibilities and complete work in a structured manner, allowing the experience of success.
  • Positive approaches to behavior and classroom management, combined with an abundance of positive feedback. We don't "take away"; rather we reward good behavior using stickers, points, and other such methods.
  • Highly experienced teachers who are further trained to implement an individualized approach to learning for your child, focused on learning styles.
  • Small classes (6:1 ratio)
  • Embedded social skills training for your child throughout the day, on topics such as emotional awareness, bullying, problem solving, handling peer pressure, respect, accepting change, and self-control.
  • An on-site counselor to address exceptional behavioral and social skills needs.
  • Cooperative learning activities such as "think-pair-share" and jigsaw puzzles.
  • Integrated executive function training throughout the curriculum combined with extended homeroom periods to work on these skills.
  • Integrated pragmatic (functional) language skill-building throughout the curriculum, teaching everyday knowledge such as turn-taking; initiating and ending a conversation; appropriate greetings; and how to ask for assistance.
  • Structured opportunities for team- and community-building through weekly school meetings and daily classroom meetings. This promotes peer support for academic achievement using "round-the-clock buddies", "treasure hunts", and "uncommon commonalities".

Furthermore, Lexis Prep will focus your child on personal goal setting, helping to build personal responsibility and the feeling of success when goals are achieved.

Learn more about ADHD on our ADHD Fact Sheet, or request more information on our school via the form on the right.



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Lexis Preparatory School has truly provided an individualized plan for our child. He is excited to go to school and has regular “Aha” moments. Our child does not have a disability; he simply learns differently and now he knows he can learn!

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