Supplemental Tuition Funding and Scholarships

Lexis Preparatory School provides a private education for children who learn differently.  The educational program includes a research based, multisensory curriculum, integrated Social and Executive Function Skill Training and a Customized Learning Plan for each child.  Instruction is delivered in a  classroom environment through small group and one-on-one teaching, as needed.  In order to provide a customized educational program, tuition at Lexis is $23,800 to $25,500 per year.

Fortunately, the parents’ financial responsibility for that tuition can be significantly reduced by a number of State and Private programs.  Please take time to read through the following information.  This can be of benefit to parents at all financial levels. 

School Tuition Organizations: 

Any Arizona citizen may donate to a School Tuition Organizations (STO) and then designate that money to be used for a specific child’s private education.  A donation is treated as a dollar-for-dollar Tax Credit to state income tax (not a tax deduction), so that this program does not cost the individual donor or the receiving child’s family one cent.

Click here to learn more about School Tuition Organizations.

Empowerment Scholarship Accounts: 

An Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) is an account established through the Arizona Department of Education to provide a private school education for qualified students.

Click here to learn more about Empowerment Scholarship Accounts.

School District Funding:  

As mandated by Public Law 94-142 (Education of All Handicapped Children Act), passed by Congress in 1975, public schools are required to assure a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to all children with disabilities.  If you feel that this has not been provided for your child, you have a right to due process.  Through an advocate working on your child’s behalf, through arbitration and/or through the court system, you can petition that your public school district provide that free, appropriate public education through a private school.  School districts will sometimes provide partial or full funding of a private school education.

Click here to learn more about School District Funding.

Arizona School Choice Trust: 

The Arizona School Choice Trust awards scholarships to low-income children throughout Arizona.  ASCT also includes underprivileged children who are disabled and in foster care. 

Click here to learn more about Arizona School Choice Trust.

Lexis Scholarships: 

Lexis Preparatory School may provide additional scholarship to supplement the tuition.  These scholarships are based on need and are evaluated on an individual basis.  These scholarships are best discussed with the Head of School, Bonnie Dougherty, during a Tour and Interview at Lexis Preparatory School.  An appointment can be made at (480) 391-3901.

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