School Tuition Organizations (STO)

Any Arizona citizen may donate to a School Tuition Organization (STO) and then designate that money to be used for a specific child’s private education.  A donation is treated as a dollar-for-dollar Tax Credit to state income tax (not a tax deduction), so that this program does not cost the individual donor or the receiving child’s family one cent.  Simply put, individuals can donate or “re-direct” state income tax dollars they owe to help Arizona students attend the private school of their choice. 

There are hundreds of School Tuition Organizations (click here for a list) and each one may have a different criteria.  For example, many STOs are set up by religious organizations, some are for financially disadvantaged families, and some are specifically established for children with disabilities.  Each STO has a separate application process.

Step 1:  A family who is interested in receiving a scholarship from a School Tuition Organization must first complete an Application for Eligibility and a Public School Attendance Verification form in order to determine if the student is eligible to be placed on the list of qualified students.

Step 2:   Apply to one or more of the following STOs.

Step 3:  Recruit friends and neighbors to donate to the STO.  They can make their contribution by contacting the STO of your choice.  They receive their tax credit when they file their Arizona State Income Tax form at the end of the year.

Lexis Preparatory School has been approved for funding through the following STOs:


ACF (Arizona Community Foundation)

ALF (Arizona Leadership Foundation)

Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund, Inc. 

ASCT (Arizona School Choice Trust)

ATC (Arizona Tuition Connection)

SCA (School Choice Arizona)

Tuition Organization for Private Schools

(TOPS for Kids)

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