Full-Strength Academic Program

Teaching children with learning differences doesn't mean that we use a "watered-down" curriculum. Our fundamental belief is that every child can learn and be successful, some children just learn differently.

We offer a rigorous college-preparatory academic program that challenges students while remaining in-line with national standards. Our curriculum encompasses all of the traditional academic subjects, as well as physical education, art, music, technology, and drama.

To ensure each child's success, our program requires that students demonstrate subject mastery through frequent reviews of learned concepts before they move on to the next lesson. We also conduct untimed, individualized assessments three times per year using the NWEA MAP assessment. This provides a true picture of your child's subject proficiency and growth from test-to-test, year-over-year.


The Lexis Prep Approach

What's different about Lexis Prep, and the reason so many children can thrive here who have previously had negative school experiences, is our approach.

  • Upon enrollment, we will create a Customized Learning Plan (CLP) for your child which establishes challenging yet attainable goals. The CLP will remain a working tool for the rest of your child's time at Lexis Prep, continually being revisited and refreshed.
  • Small class sizes (a 10:1 ratio) ensure that your child benefits from more individualized attention, differentiated instruction, high levels of guided practice, and frequent, positive corrective feedback.
  • We utilize a variety of research-based instructional strategies, including multisensory learning approaches, which ensures we can hit home with how your child learns.
  • Our environment is specifically designed to limit distractions and provide accommodations for different learning styles.
  • The daily curriculum incorporates executive function, study, and organizational skill-building.
  • We "chunk out" the day, helping your child prioritize responsibilities, complete work in a structured manner, and ultimately experience success.

Learn more about why Lexis Prep is a great environment for children with ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities.

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My son David flourished in his first year at Lexis Prep. Once a shy child who would often sit on the sidelines as he watched the other kids play games and sports, at Lexis Prep. David developed a new self confidence and he enjoyed getting involved in sports. David grew in other ways as well. He interacted with his peers and participated in class more than in previous years. His teachers were nurturing and encouraging, which made him feel comfortable and special.

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